16 July 2021

A departmental dojo, a need of the territory

Since 2018, the ACSO leads a reflection with the Oise Judo Committee about the opportunity to establish a departmental dojo on its territory

For the Oise department, it is the opportunity to host departmental and regional competitions.

Indeed, the Oise is the only department in the Hauts de France not to have such a facility.
The geographical location of the agglomeration, the presence of high-level sports facilities and the proximity of the Marie Curie technical high school contributed to the choice of the Marie Curie Complex in Nogent sur Oise. The future departmental dojo will therefore be built as an extension of the Marie Curie complex.

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Departmental Dojo operational for June 2023!

Rehabilitation part existing space and connection with the extension :
- Rehabilitation of locker rooms.
- A warm-up area (current battle room).
- A dance room + weight room (current gym).
- Storage space, recovery space.

Dojo extension part :
- A reception area with hall, meeting room and toilets.
- 6 combat surfaces minimum 6X6.
- Tiers that can accommodate about 500 people.
- A shared infirmary and anti-doping area.
- Offices for the headquarters of the Oise Judo Committee.
- Changing rooms.