Complexe Marie Curie


Disciplines : Judo olympique et paralympique

The Marie Curie Sports Complex is an important infrastructure of 10,125m2 with 4 rooms including an indoor athletics track. The construction of the departmental dojo will come as an extension of the complex with 6 combat surfaces.

It will be put into service from June 2023 to accommodate judoka athletes in training for the JOP 2024.


The dojo will include:

  • 6 combat surfaces,
  • 500-seat bleachers,
  • Work out room
  • changing rooms (showers)
  • meeting room
  • offices
  • Infirmary
  • anti-doping room
  • storage space


The advantages of the complex:

  • proximity to the Marie Curie high school allows athletes to eat and stay on site
  • near a hospital
  • babysitting
  • video surveillance
  • secure and fully enclosed complex


Complementary infrastructure:

  • Outdoor multi-sports grounds
  • Climbing wall
  • Athletics hall: 6000m2, bleachers: 495 seats
  • Multisport hall: 1000m2, bleachers: 265 seats
  • Dance room: 600m2
  • Warm-up room (small dojo and boxing ring): 600m2
  •  Work out room


  • Hot and cold baths Non
  • Hot and cold baths Non
  • Hot and cold baths Non
  • Hot and cold baths Non
  • Hot and cold baths Non